The "Special Needs" Planning Group


As parents of children with disabilities, one of our biggest worries is what will become of our son or daughter after we are gone and no longer here to care for them. Will their quality of life continue or will it suffer? How can we provide the money for the things that they want and need without disqualifying them from receiving government supports? All too often, we ask the questions but no one seems to have the answers. Because of this lack of knowledge in the field, Graeme Treeby co-founded The Special Needs Planning Group. Since 1997, the Group's sole purpose has been to assist families in establishing plans which will provide their family members with a disability with a decent quality of life for their entire lifetime while at the same time, preserving their entitlement to government support programs.

This Web site is presented to you as a resource which will give you some of the basics necessary to the understanding and implementation of plans for the future of your family member with a disability. Please sit back and enjoy the experience of finding the answers to your worries. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact us. We will be only too pleased to answer your questions and share ideas with you on how you too can achieve Peace of Mind with regard to the well being of your son or daughter with a disability.

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